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Project Management

Project Mangement

At Vital Tech Solutions, we provide the technical services leadership skills necessary to ensure
that your project initiatives are led by qualified and effective teams, regardless of your IT or
engineering verticals. Driven by a “customer first” philosophy, our approach to project
management is based on the following 3 pillars:




We bring years of project management experience in the technical consulting and managed services domains, combined with best practices and lessons learned, to ensure that your projects are delivered successfully on time and within budget.

Rigorous Process Management – Rigorous Execution
At Vital Tech Solutions, we adopt a rigorous Process Management approach and rigorous execution designed to ensure high return on our customers’ investment.
Rapid Response to your Project Management needs
You can rely on Vital Tech Solutions’ Project Managers and Technical Consultants at a moment’s notice to form rapid response teams comprised of a mix of technical skills and capabilities.

Established Process Management steps

1. Feasibility Analysis: Vital Tech Solutions’ Project Management team will delve deep into the discovery phase to learn about your current product line, software build, enterprises services, and existing Agile/PMO process, among others.
2. Architecture Review: Our Solutions Architects will be engaged with their counterparts to review and learn about the existing UML design, architecture models and the current enterprise system in place and its associated suite of tools and technologies.
3. Process Management Methodology (Agile and PMO): Whether your organization is committed to implementing the Agile Development Methodology or building on their existing PMO Practice, our “team agnostic” approach to Project Management is designed to provide you with the best return on investment within the given SOW and based on your current platform.

4. Design Review: Upon successfully presenting our proposed PM model to your organization, our designated Project Manager and Technical Consultants will provide you with a play-by-play model (design review meetings) designed to ensure full collaboration and acceptance by your internal stakeholders.

5. Statement of Threshold: Our Project Manager, Consultants and Architects will work with your team to develop an attainable gate review model, design review mechanism, and key timely deliverables. These measures are designed to enhance the collaborative effort with our customers and provide them with the highest level of confidence in our Project Management team’s ability to deliver the desired results.

6. Cost Effectiveness: When working with Vital Tech Solutions, you can rest assured that our team is working diligently to ensure that your project is delivered not only on time, but within budget so you can realize the right return on investment and profitability.