Our Story

The foundation of my life and my business is based on quality, trust, and commitment. Simply stated, I care. As a Nurse, I’ve always had an inner drive to exceed above and beyond expectations required throughout my career. This drive carried over into the goal of opening my own healthcare staffing company that would supply like-minded professionals to healthcare facilities. This goal was achieved in July of 2007 when Vital Nurse Staffing LLC was established.

Over the years our business has expanded to include Vital Tech Solutions (f/k/a WestBe), CORE Staffing (f/k/a CORE Respiratory Services), and rtNOW. We now offer information technology consulting and staffing, as well as telehealth services and healthcare education tools. Our expansion has led to a diversification of services, while maintaining a culture of excellence. With our motto of quality, trust, and commitment leading our growth initiatives, we have established solid relationships with clients and highly skilled professionals across Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan.

We cannot sustain success without an exceptionally talented and dynamic team of professionals to match the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on finding the best possible fit for our staff and client’s needs so that we can ensure a seamless staffing transition. We continually recruit individuals with strong skills, but more importantly the attitude and behaviors necessary to be effective in temporary environments. Thank you for your interest and I encourage you to contact me or my team.

Charles Stadler Jr.